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  • Devolución del Cliente contra Exceso

    Hoy vamos a compartir con ustedes cómo determinar las diferencias entre mercancía 'Devolución del Cliente' y 'Exceso.' Esto le ayudará a determinar qué tipo de mercancía serían mejor para sus necesidades y le dara más por su dinero. Mientras que ambos tipos de mercancía típicamente estar en buenas condiciones hay varias diferencias que deben ser consideradas al comprar. Normalmente, con mercancía 'Devolución del Cliente' la mercancía ha dejado el almacen del vendedor por un cliente. Algunas mercancías pueden tener incluso sido ligeramente desgastado o utilizado, sin embargo, en a

  • How to Find Reliable Wholesale Supplier Online

    Say you have a clothing store and you’re in search for pallets of clothing and accessories. You come across a nice looking site offering designer clothes by the pallet. Prices are great, pictures show pallets with jeans and shirts on top, and you can already see the money potential. You now want to make a purchase. What’s your next step? Before buying it’s important to verify the company. Make sure to check the time the company has been in business. If it’s a new company, don’t buy unless you pay their warehouse a visit, if they have a location. Many wholesale closeouts companies onl

  • Merchandize Liquidators, A Leader In Liquidation Companies

    All About Liquidation Companies and Why Merchandize Liquidators Keeps Coming Out On Top Liquidation companies specialize in selling overstock and customer-returned merchandise. They do this at a fraction of the original retail cost, allowing resellers to supply their customers with products at extremely competitive prices. Not only do liquidation companies offer great products at low prices to resellers, they help the original sellers too. If a company or business is left with stock they can't sell either because it's been returned, is less-than-perfect or they simply have too much of it, a li

  • Everything You Need to Know About Liquidation Merchandise

    Have you ever wondered what liquidation merchandise is and where to get it? Who buys it and what do they do with it? Read on for some insights into this fascinating industry. What is Liquidation Merchandise? Liquidation merchandise boils down to products that are not sold by retail stores any longer. It may be overstock or damaged merchandise, customer returns, seasonal products, products that are no longer made or simply items that didn't sell and have been replaced by a newer model. Many times, liquidation merchandise is completely intact and new. Rather than take a complete loss on the merc

  • What to Look For When Buying Wholesale Clothing

    Purchasing wholesale clothing can be a great way to stock your resale clothing business with quality products at a reasonable cost. Here are a few things to consider that can help you get the most for your money. Quality of The Products. Quality can vary widely from wholesaler to wholesaler. If possible examine the products in person before putting any money towards the purchase. Find out if the products are overstocks or discontinued items or damaged goods. This will give you a better idea of what is a fair price to pay for the items, considering how much you can re-sell them for. Reputat

  • Five Ways to Jump Start Your Ebay Business

    Ebay has made it easier than ever to start a business. But getting started can be tricky. Here are five tips to put you on the path to successful Ebay selling. 1. Do Your Research. Think about what you want to sell. Is it clothing? Shoes? Electronics? Keep it simple until you get the hang of things and expand from there as you feel comfortable. When choosing a product to sell you'll want to research its availability and prices at retail shops as well as other online vendors and adjust your asking price accordingly. For example, if you are planning to sell cosmetics and the lipstick you want to

  • Protecting Yourself From Merchandise Liquidators Scam/Reviews

    Protecting Yourself From Merchandise Liquidators Scam/Reviews Do a Google search on any merchandise liquidators scam or reviews and you're sure to find plenty of negative information. After reading through some of these sites, you may begin to question your decision to purchase products from a merchandise liquidator. You may start to wonder if you can trust the liquidator you're planning to purchase from and what kind of shape the products are going to be in when they arrive. While there will always be complaints no matter what business you're in, there are ways to avoid becoming an unhappy me

  • 4 Tips To Make Money Buying Wholesale Products

    Have you ever wondered how you could buy and sell wholesale general merchandise? Merchandize Liquidators provides store owners, flea market booth owners, as well as thousands of others with wholesale merchandise pallets and truckloads. We have several best practices that we think our customers can really benefit from, and quickly start making money from selling wholesale and electronic liquidation products. 1. Know What Wholesale General Merchandise Your Market Wants! It can be overwhelming when looking to buy overstock inventory, simply from the wide variety of wholesale general merchandise a

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