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Apparel Liquidation

If you're looking for the best deals in clothing, then you can't do much better than buying them from apparel liquidators. That is because they get their clothes from clothing liquidation pallets sourced from major retailers and manufacturers. These pallets include clothes for men, women, and children from the biggest and best clothing brands.

You can choose from a variety of different kinds of apparel ranging from sleepwear to casual wear to formal wear. No matter what kinds of clothes you need, you can get them from a wholesale clothing liquidator at a price that department stores cannot match.

How Do We Get Our Clothes?

Our clothes are obtained via various methods, which include the following:

Shelf Pulls

These are items that, not surprisingly, have been pulled from the shelves. Shelf pulls can sometimes have department store tags still attached to them. In some cases, the label tags may have been removed in order to prevent the items from being sold. Clothing from shelf pulls is usually in good condition since it has never been worn, though it will show signs of handling.

Customer Returns

These are clothes that have been returned by customers for various reasons. Since the store is not going to resell these items, and they do not want them taking up any inventory space, these clothes get liquidated. Customer returns are usually still wearable, but there is a chance that they could have some minor imperfections or defects.

Consignment Stores

These stores sell secondhand items that are donated by the original owner, who gets a cut of the profits. They are a good source for wholesale clothing since the items are almost certain to be in great condition. After all, neither the original owner of the clothes or the seller expect to make a profit from damaged or defective goods. So, you can expect clothes acquired via consignment to be in great shape.

Store Stock

When stores need to make room for new seasonal clothing, they need to get rid of the old clothes in order to make room. That out-of-season clothing gets liquidated, giving customers the chance to buy them at discount prices. Since these clothing items are brand new and have never been worn, they are in excellent condition.

What Specific Clothing Items Can I Expect To Find?

You can find all kinds of items in practically every category:

Men's Wear

Our selection of men's wear includes the following:

Fall/Winter Clothing - This includes items like jackets, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing items that help to keep you warm.

Spring/Summer Clothing - Keep cool in the hot weather with clothing items like tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, gym shorts, and more.

Formal Wear - Suits, ties, blazers, and bowties are available when you need to make a great impression.

Women's Wear

Women get their choice of seasonal clothing and formal clothing as well. Additionally, they also get to choose from more specialized liquidation women's clothing, like the following:

Maternity Wear - Clothes like maternity dresses, pants, skirts, and shorts are available for all the expectant mothers out there.

Plus-size Clothing - Stylish dresses, jeans, casual wear, and more are all available in this category.

Children's Clothing

Kids aren't left out. They get to choose from fun, colorful clothes featuring their favorite characters.


Swimsuits and swim trunks are available for all the men, women, and children who are ready to make a splash.


You can choose from pajamas, nightdresses, and nightgowns for when you're ready to call it a night.


Boxers, briefs, and tank tops for the gents. Brassieres, lingerie, and pantyhose for the ladies.


This includes eyewear, gloves, belts, and socks, pretty much everything you need to put an outfit together.


Jeans, jeggings, workout gear, tights, coats, overalls, jumpers, and rompers. No matter what item of clothing you are looking for, you can find it at Merchandize Liquidators.

Your One Stop Shopping Destination

You could go from department store to department store, painstakingly searching for all the clothing items that you need. Or you could just head online and visit us to get everything you need all at once. You can't beat apparel liquidation when it comes to selection and price, certainly none of the major retailers can.

They can’t match wholesale clothing liquidation when it comes to convenience either, since you just buy the clothes in bulk and then you're done. So, if you want great clothes that are in great condition, at great prices, then shop from us for all your clothing needs.