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Electronics Liquidation

There are many types of liquidation products. However, electronics are among the most popular. The sector has a high demand as well as an abundance of products. Among the most common electronics liquidation products are GPS units, televisions, computers, and video game systems.

Here at Merchandize Liquidators, we have lots of liquidated electronics available for sale. We do the hard work of sourcing the products so you can buy them and use them to stock your store.

What is Electronics Liquidation?

If you walk through an electronics store or the electronics aisle of a big-box retailer, you’ll notice an abundance of products. Electronics are popular, high ticket items. The stores usually stock their shelves with the latest products.

However, they don’t want those products to sit on their shelves for an extended period of time. With so many rapid advances in technology, the electronics sector always has new products. The stores want to get rid of their old products so they can sell the newer and more expensive ones.

For many stores, the answer is to liquidate some of their products. If they just moved older products to storage, they would be wasting their assets. They wouldn’t get any money for their older electronics. Instead, they would be taking up space and costing the business money in storage fees.

Liquidation is an option that gives them money for their products. While the money isn’t as much as the retail value, the businesses don’t care. They are more worried about selling the latest products for the highest prices. Therefore, they mark down the prices of their liquidated electronics.

Buying Liquidated Electronics

You can benefit from the liquidation process. By purchasing through electronics liquidation, you can get quality products for a very low price. You can sell the items to your customers and make a significant profit.

People sell liquidated electronics in many ways. Although you can sell them in retail locations or at flea markets, you might want to consider selling them online. An online shop is easy to set up and doesn’t cost much. Furthermore, you can start an online retail business with a limited amount of money. As long as you have an online presence and some inventory, you can get started.

Of course, there’s no guarantee your business will be successful. One of the main factors that can influence your success is your inventory. If you stock your store with the right items, you are more likely to be successful. In the U.S., the consumer electronics industry was valued at $76,998 million in 2019. People want to buy electronics, so selling electronics could make you more likely to have a thriving business.

Another factor that can impact your success is the price of your items. In today’s day and age, technology is expensive. But buying liquidated electronics is not expensive. You can get a high volume of products at a low cost. This allows you to keep your own prices low enough to attract customers. Although they might not be getting the latest electronics, they can get recent electronics for an affordable price.

What You Should Know Before You Buy

Before you start buying liquidated items, there are a few things you should know. For one, you should know about the different types of liquidated items. You can buy lots in one or more of the following forms:


These items are completely new and unused. They are usually shelf-pulls and should always be in working order. Although these items tend to be more expensive, they also require less processing time and can sell for a higher price per unit.


These items are used but made to look and function like new. They tend to sell for slightly less than brand new items. However, they appeal to customers who are looking for a good deal on a like-new product.


People return products to stores for several different reasons. Although some returns occur because the product doesn’t work properly, others occur because the buyer no longer wants it. When you buy returned products, you can get a mix of items. You might have some that work and others that do not work. If you buy a pallet or truckload of returns, you should test each product carefully before you sell anything. Failing to do so can result in some very dissatisfied customers.


You can buy electronics that are not functioning. While this might sound like a silly thing to do, it can be quite profitable. This is because these items often come at a very low cost. At times, the items only need minimal repairs. If you’re good at fixing things or know someone who can repair electronics for a fair price, you might want to buy non-functional electronics.

Open Box

You can buy merchandise that has been opened but is not used. This type of merchandise does require some processing and may require a little work. However, the items are usually in excellent condition. They can be worth the effort.

The Benefits of Selling Liquidated Electronics

You can choose to sell almost any type of product. That said, selling electronics could be particularly profitable for you. There are several reasons for this.

First, there’s the fact that electronics tend to sell at high prices. There are some electronics that aren’t worth much. But for the most part, electronics sell for more than many other types of merchandise. Buying and selling a pallet of electronics could result in a significant profit. Even if you only sell a few products, you could make money.

The other benefit of selling electronics is the size. Although some electronics are large in size, most of them are small. This makes storing and shipping them easier. Whether you buy a pallet or a truckload, you might not need too much space to store them.

Working with Us

Are you looking for a reliable source of liquidated electronics? Merchandize Liquidators has what you need. Take a look at our selection and buy the merchandise you need to stock your store.