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Dept. Store Plus Size Clothing Pallet


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Major Dept. Store's Plus Size Clothing Pallet contain approx. 300 pieces

Department Store Plus-Size Clothing Pallet

The clothing industry is far from saturated. Although there are many retailers already selling apparel, there’s still room for other individuals to start businesses and make a profit in the industry. In 2018, the apparel and footwear industry was valued at $360 billion.

To become a part of the growing industry, you don’t need to open a large store and have millions of dollars ready to buy inventory. In fact, there is an easy and affordable way to get clothing for your store. If you buy a department store plus-size clothing pallet, you can get access to inventory that won’t bust your budget.

There are many ways in which plus-size clothing can be a lucrative market. Merchandizer Liquidators can introduce you to the benefits of buying and selling plus-sized pallets from department stores.

What is a Department Store Plus-Size Clothing Pallet?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in a department store. With aisles upon aisles of clothing, housewares, and accessories, there are thousands of products in one place. Because there is so much volume, not everything sells. After a while, unsold merchandise starts to become more trouble than it’s worth. Large department stores don’t want the unsold products to take away space from trending items that will sell.

And so, they sell those products in bulk. Known as liquidation, the department stores sell large lots of unwanted products. They often assign the lots with low price tags, which helps them sell the products quickly. The size and content of the lot can vary greatly.

In the years before internet, very few people had access to liquidation merchandise. They were unable to buy liquidated merchandise unless they knew someone who had an insider's knowledge. But now, things are different. Anyone can get online and look for lots of liquidated products. Not all of the websites offer legitimate merchandise. Before you make a purchase, you should do your research.

Once you have products to sell, the internet makes it easier to sell them. You can open an online store or sell on a marketplace. There are many ways in which the internet can work as a selling platform for your products. Although you need to put some work into selling them, almost anyone can do it.

Plus-Size Clothing Pallets

Lots from department stores can feature many different products. At times, you can buy pallets or lots that have many unique items. However, you can also buy lots that are more specific. Plus-size clothing pallets give you an assortment of plus-sized clothing.

By selling this product, you can simplify your marketing. You won’t have a broad audience, and you can have a highly targeted marketing campaign. With it, you can get paying customers to your website. The ones that are directed to your store are more likely to have an interest in your clothes and more likely to make a purchase.

Another benefit of choosing plus-size clothing is the demand. Although there are many general clothing retailers in the market, only a handful of them are dedicated to selling clothes to plus-sized individuals. You don’t have to deal with too much competition or others trying to push you out of the industry.

There’s another reason selling plus-size clothing could make your business more successful. When it comes to shipping, some items are more difficult than others. Shipping a bicycle is much harder and more time consuming that shipping a t-shirt. Generally, clothing is easy to ship. You don’t have the stress of needing to pack a box tightly. In fact, you may not need a box at all. The shipping tends to be affordable and requires minimal effort.

Making Your Purchase

If you haven’t already considered selling plus-sized clothing, you should. Buying a lot of this type of merchandise could be what your business needs. The size of the pallet is ideal for those who don’t have room for a large truckload of inventory. Meanwhile, the price is low enough for you to make a profit after only a few sales.

Sourcing new inventory can be stressful. Fortunately, Merchandize Liquidators can make the process less stressful and more profitable. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today