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Dept. Store Small Rugs Pallet


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Major Dept. Store's Soft Home Rugs contain approx 150 pieces and can include: accent rugs, bathmats, welcome mats, throw rugs, etc. of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Department Store Small Rugs Pallet

In 2017, the global carpet and rug industry was valued at $84.3 Billion. The outlook for the industry is bright, with a potential for billions of more dollars in sales. There are many opportunities for business owners to enter the industry and start profiting.

One way to do so is to buy liquidated products. For instance, a department store small rugs palette could be your ticket to entering the industry. You can buy a palette for an affordable price and sell it to interested customers. Merchandize Liquidators has rugs and other items that can help you grow your business to new levels.

What is a Department Store Small Rugs Pallet?

These days, department stores have been using liquidation to save their businesses. With the popularity of online shopping, department stores have taken a hit. The have fewer customers and fewer purchases. Because of the stress, some department stores have shut down or decreased their inventory. They liquidate merchandise to save their business.

Even stores that aren’t suffering need to liquidate on occasion. As new products become popular and take center stage, old products must be moved. Business owners don’t want them sitting in a basement collecting dust. Instead, they would rather sell them and make some money.

The selling price can be very low. Therefore, the person who buys the merchandise does not need to pay retail or even wholesale prices for the items. And this merchandise isn’t limited to a small circle of people. The internet has made liquidation merchandise accessible to almost anyone. You can get online and order lots of varying sizes.

People who buy liquidation merchandise can sell them in several ways. In the past, the most popular method was to sell these items in flea markets. However, there are other ways of making money. Today, many liquidation merchandise buyers turn to online sales. They can sell to a global market for a low fee. The business model is much simpler than the model of a physical store. You need less start-up capital and the potential for profit can be greater.

Why Small Rugs?

Any items from department stores can make for good inventory. However, small rugs may be your best options. There are several reasons for this.

First, there’s the popularity of rugs and carpets. It’s a strong industry that attracts a lot of attention. When you sell rugs, you can draw many customers to your products and your store.

Secondly, there’s the high price tag. Small rugs can be valuable. Therefore, you may be able to sell each rug for a relatively high price. You can have a good return on investment.

Finally, there’s the ease of shipping and processing. Electronics and other items can be difficult to process. In fact, some lots of electronics and appliances can be very labor-intensive. You may need to test your products before you sell them. However, rugs don’t take much effort. You can look at your rug and try to identify any flaws. Then, you are ready to sell your products.

Shipping them is just as easy. Unlike delicate inventory, rugs can be shipped with ease. You don’t need to fear your rug breaking while it’s in the mail. Typically, shipping is affordable and simple.

Getting Your Department Store Small Rugs Palette

Are you ready to get some inventory for your store? If so, you should start picking out your inventory. A small rugs palette could be just what you need.

A palette is an excellent size choice because it’s not too large, nor is it too small. You get enough rugs to stock your store, but you don’t have so many that you have no room for storage. Additionally, the price of a palette tends to be lower than a truckload. If you don’t want to tie up too much capital, you can start small with a palette.

When it comes to sourcing your inventory, you have many options. However, not all of your choices are equal. Some can be detrimental to your business or make you do more work.

Merchandize Liquidators knows that your business is everything. We strive to sell affordable palettes that have valuable inventory. Call us today if you have any questions.