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Dept. Store Small Towels Pallet


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Major Dept. Store's Soft Home Towel Pallets contain approx. 200 pieces (4 fingertip towels count as 1 piece) of all colors and can include the following: fingertip towels, hand towels, wash towels, bath towels, tub mat towels, etc.

Department Store Small Towels Pallet

In 2017, online sales of housewares rose by 17% in the United States. The housewares sector is thriving and full of opportunities for savvy business owners. If you’re interested in getting involved in the industry, the process is much easier than you might imagine.

One way to get involved is to buy and sell liquidation products. When you buy a department store small towels pallet, you can get inventory that has high potential to sell. You have what the consumers want, and you can sell your products for much more than you pay for them.

Merchandize Liquidators has helped many individuals profit from liquidation. We get pallets and truckloads of products and sell them to you at an affordable cost. Learn more about our stock.

What is a Department Store Small Towels Pallet?

Department stores can be large and have aisles upon aisles of merchandise. However, not all of their merchandise sells. Sometimes, the products just start taking up room on the shelves. This doesn’t do them any good. Because the stores are worth so much money, the owners only care about the big bucks. This means getting rid of unsold merchandise. When things don’t sell, they are taking the space of something that could make more money.

Of course, they won’t get rid of their merchandise for free. There’s a way for them to get rid of items without taking a big hit, and it’s called liquidation. They sell their excess products to other parties who then sell them by the box, pallet, and truckload.

Because the products are unwanted by the department store, they sell them at a low cost. This savings gets passed onto you. You can get inventory for your own store at an affordable price.

Selling liquidated inventory is easier than ever. Years ago, you needed to rent property to sell inventory. But the internet has made it possible for anyone to be successful. You can sell your inventory online, which has no high rent cost. It’s much easier to turn a profit.

In this day and age, department stores are facing tough competition. They can’t keep up with internet sales of major online retailers. Therefore, there is more department store liquidation available.

Small Towels Pallets

Department stores sell items in many different categories. Typically, the sell their liquidation in those categories. You can buy clothing, electronics, and housewares.

While you could buy products from multiple categories, you may want to specialize in one area. For instance, you might consider buying small towel pallets. You can focus your marketing on people who want towels. Because you have such a small niche, your marketing efforts are more likely to be successful.

Towels are included in the housewares sector. As one of the leading areas of retail, housewares has many business opportunities. No matter what happens with the economy, people will always need home goods. They will always need towels to dry them off after bathing, and towels to dry their hands.

There is another reason selling housewares is beneficial. The current trends don’t matter as much as they do in other niches, like fashion and electronics. Although design patterns on towels might go in and out of style, it’s not a common problem. You should be able to sell your towels even if the trends have changed.

Buying towels and using them as inventory can make your life easier. For one, the product is easy to store. It doesn’t take up much room. Secondly, it’s easy to ship. You don’t need to worry about a towel breaking as it’s being shipped to a customer.

Buying by the Pallet

If you want to start small or want to have a variety of different inventory types, you should consider buying towels by the pallet. You get enough inventory to stock your store, but not so much inventory that you need to pay for more storage space. Additionally, you can get a good deal on your purchase. Liquidation pallets can be very affordable and make for low-cost inventory.

Merchandize Liquidators wants to help you have a successful business. We sell many different liquidation items, including small towels pallets. Check out our products and learn more about buying from us. Contact us today to get started.