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Lowe's Pallets can contain items in the following categories: tools, appliances, bathroom, building supplies, doors & windows, electrical, flooring, hardware, heating & cooling, home décor & furniture, kitchen, lawn & garden, lighting & ceiling fans, molding & millwork, outdoor living, plumbing, smart home & security, storage & organization, etc.

Home Improvement GM Pallet

In 2018, the home improvement industry sold about $394 billion in the United States. Although there’s a lot of revenue to be made in the industry, it can be difficult to compete with some of the big names in the industry.

But there is a way of making a profit without directly taking on giants in the industry. By buying liquidation pallets of home improvement merchandise, you can join in on the sales. The pallets come at a low enough price for you to make money. Here at Merchandize Liquidators, we have pallets of many different types. If you’re interested in finding new inventory, you should consider buying a home improvement GM pallet.

What is Home Improvement GM Merchandise?

Despite the lucrative nature of the home improvement industry, big stores don’t sell all of their products. Sometimes, items just don’t sell well. At other times, the company wants to clear products from their shelves to make room for newer merchandise.

Whatever their reasons may be, home improvement stores want to get rid of certain products. To do so, they sell it at a low cost to an interested party. Instead of paying full retail price for the merchandise, a liquidator can pay a fraction of the cost.

This opens new doors for entrepreneurs. With this deeply discounted merchandise, you can sell home improvement merchandise at a low price and still make money. You become more competitive and can make a greater profit.

Types of Home Improvement Merchandise

There are many types of home improvement merchandise. Just think of how many different products are available at a typical hardware store.

When you buy a pallet of home improvement goods, you could get any one of the following:

  • •   Tools
  • •   Appliances
  • •   Bathroom accessories
  • •   Building supplies
  • •   Doors
  • •   HVAC supplies
  • •   Windows
  • •   Furniture
  • •   Hardware
  • •   Flooring
  • •   Lawn and garden
  • •   Smart home and smart security
  • •   Storage items

Of course, there are many other types of merchandise that could come in your pallet. Before you buy, you should research and find out what could be included. You should also be aware of where the merchandise came on. Salvage merchandise is sold as-is and can include returned and untested merchandise.

Buying a Home Improvement GM Pallet

You can buy home improvement items in various quantities. If you want a lot of merchandise, you can opt for buying by the truckload. This gives you more than enough merchandise to stock your store. However, it could be too much. You might not have the time to sort through all of the products, or the space to store it all.

Therefore, a pallet could be a better option. With a home improvement pallet, you get a more manageable amount of inventory. There’s less processing and you don’t need much storage space. If you are just starting your business or you only want a certain amount of inventory, a pallet could be your best option.

What You Should Know

Before you buy a home improvement pallet, there are a few things you should know. First, you should realize that making money from liquidated merchandise is not something that happens right away. It takes time and effort.

You really need to plan and come up with a way to sell your inventory. This means deciding how you will sell your inventory. While some people go to the flea market and sell their wares there, others opt to sell online. Selling online is easy and can be very affordable. Typically, you only need to pay a low monthly fee or a small percentage of your sales. Instead of paying for a physical location, you can save money. You also get the convenience of doing your work from home or an office.

Once you decide how to sell your inventory, you can start sourcing your products. This can be challenging. Today, there are many options for buying liquidated merchandise. However, not all of those options are good. There are companies who pick through merchandise or have many fees associated with their lots. Others are unreliable and don’t have steady offerings.

Here at Merchandise Liquidators, we want to be your source of inventory. You can browse through our website to find a lot that meets your needs. Contact us to learn more about us.