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In The News


Yosef Martin

Photo: Jeffrey Salter

Florida Trend

"Yosef Martin is the guy to see in Miami if you want 200 bottles of Loreal nail polish, a pallet of 193 digital cameras or truckloads of other goods that he’s bought and plans to resell. Martin owns Merchandize Liquidators, which he started in 2003 as a way to put himself through college. An Israeli immigrant, he says his goal was to find an existing business model that worked and come up with a plan to make it better..." 

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"When envisioning and establishing my business, I focused on both short- and long-term goals. My short-term goal was to outgrow a local competitor’s annual gross sales. I knew I wanted to eventually compete with multimillion-dollar giants, but first, I needed to examine my strengths and their weaknesses."

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"Should startup founders ever hire CEOs to lead their companies?And if yes, what should they look for?

9. Do an Informal Background Check: The actual interview with a new CEO can be deceiving, and the wrong guy can pass the test. You need to actually look into his or her history: Was he respected? Could she lead a group? Did he try to be a solo star? Finding out these answers from previous employers and employees is the only way to determine whether the person’s a good candidate..."

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"If you run a store and you are looking for offers and good deals in any type of product, this can be a good place to look for. At Merchandize Liquidators they are specialized in wholesale closeouts, liquidations overstock, and surplus on almost any item you can imagine. Look for great deals in clothing, electronics, tools, shoes, toys, jewelleries and more..."

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Yahoo! Voices

"It is no longer a mystery how some ebay seller can sell items much below the retail price & even below the common wholesale price. Looking at the comparison of the selling price & retail price on the Merchandize Liquidators website, ebay sellers can be making plenty of profits even when selling products at low prices. One company that can help you do the same like some ebay sellers is Merchandize Liquidators, worldwide distributors for Surplus Merchandise..." 

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"Internet traffic is becoming denser each day. There are billions of users to attract, but there are also competitors popping up every second, threatening to steal your piece of the pie. You need to know how to reel users in. What's the first thing someone does when searching for a particular product or service? He Googles it. And how does Google order the results? Search engine optimization (SEO) strength can make the difference between your site appearing on the first page of Google - or not appearing at all..."

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