Wholesale Revlon Cosmetics (New Mix)


What we do

What we do

Please watch our introductory video to learn more about what we do:

Brand name electronics, cosmetics, clothing, beddingtoys and other products become more cost effective to the consumer through a process called reverse logistics

It is the repurposing of returned and unsold goods back to the market for consumption.

These premium products are made in countries around the world and are packaged and prepared forshipping through different types of transportation.  

The goods are transported to the distribution centers and then shipped out to the receiving warehousesof the department stores.

The Major department stores sells the products to its customers.

When the customers shop for the items they want, the store is left with some unsold products and consumer returns.

The unsold and return products are then shipped out to Merchandize Liquidators.  

Merchandize Liquidators receive brand name and premium products from major retailers worldwide.

These new, overstock, and used goods are redistributed back to the market.

They are sold by the pallet or container for as low as 90 percent of the original wholesale cost.